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What is Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

BQH allows you to access your own internal wisdom and healing potential through consciousness exploration with the assistance of a BQH facilitator. This boundary-less technique of healing was created by Candace Craw-Goldman, a former student of Dolores Cannon.

Like QHHT, BQH focuses on the concept that the client will go to the most appropriate time, place and experience to address any requests for healing and information. Similar to dream work or soul travel, you are able to speak and describe your experience all the while being assisted by your facilitator. You will be invited to speak to your own Higher Self - that part of you that is the Divine spark and has more wisdom and knowledge about you and your life plan than your more "everyday" or "temporal" self.

A BQH session is powerfully transforming and will open your heart, mind, and imagination. It's extraordinary that all insights come directly from you, in your words and voice. There is a treasure trove within each of us just waiting to be discovered and BQH dives deep and brings it to the surface.

Why would anyone seek a Quantum Healing Session?

For any and every reason you could possibly imagine! Common concerns are physical, emotional, trauma, self-worth issues, life path questions, career changes, relationships and other curiosities. There are no taboo subjects. Your Higher Self will not shy away from anything they deem is important for you to know.

What is the difference between an in-person session verses an online session?

There is very little difference between the two. The most important consideration for choosing an in-person or an online session is your comfort level. Some people are simply more comfortable in the same physical space with their practitioner.

Remote sessions are performed online and require a strong internet connection. While booking a remote session, you will be able to see the time of the session based on your location.


I would like my mate or family member to observe, is this possible?

This is an often-asked question and the answer is NO. It is not recommended for a variety of reasons and only in the most rare of circumstances would it ever be appropriate. If you would feel more comfortable with a family member nearby, perhaps in another room, that is something altogether different and of course that is okay.


Can a session be dangerous in any way?

Hypnosis is very safe and in fact, can be considered a state of hyper-awareness. Anytime there is an emergency, a person would naturally be able to come out of the hypnotic state by simply opening their eyes or sitting up.


A typical session is approximately 4 hours from start to finish. No matter how long a session lasts, there is a flat fee that includes the recording.



to schedule a session

For questions about available dates, times or any questions regarding a session, please fill out the inquiry form HERE. Or you may Email Sandra with any questions or call and leave a voice message: 805-308-2054. Please allow 48 hours for a response. Once you are confirmed for a session, you will receive an email with details including information on how to best prepare for your session.

practice visualizing and using your imagination

Your Higher Self uses your imagination as a language to speak to you. Absorbing that idea and doing a bit of preparation to stimulate your imagination is a good way to prepare. Here are four links that will get you and your imagination primed and ready to have a session:

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